Meet  Angela Valente Romeo

Angela Valente Romeo’s work is her journey as she explores the worlds that make up her multifaceted domain. How these diverse worlds are connected; how they collide, repel, and ultimately work together is important to her.

This site is a combination of these worlds — whether it be her art, her COLLIDING WORLDS projects, or her writing.

Angela has always been and will always be an artist — from her earliest memory, she was creating things. Clothes, jewelry, murals – it was her passion. Listening to her father (perhaps the only time) who advised her that she would starve as an artist, she went on to study law. Intellectual property law kept her close to the arts by day. By night, she continued to create and collect art.

With age comes wisdom or perhaps the notion that doing what one loves is the most important path to follow. Angela chose to follow her artistic path. As she segues from law to art, she sees the endless possibilities before her. Her life is richer because of art; she is happier because of art.

Angela’s jewelry, ©Amvr — upcycled personal adornment with purpose — makes use of many materials. How she connects these materials and the messages she seeks to convey are what makes each piece unique. Her jewelry has been seen on the runway, in publications, on the red carpet, and on some of the most fantastic people she has had the pleasure to meet.

Angela’s artwork is like her – eclectic and open. She is currently exploring clay board, photography, and ceramics. But she sees nothing as off limits. Art is meant to stimulate thought and emotion. That remains her goal. The subtle or not so subtle message of her work will challenge your views, make you think, open a dialog; and open the path between you and your worlds.

Modeling and acting are just another way to be creative. Angela enjoys the runway and the endless hours of waiting on the set. She is an experienced print and runway model in fashion and fitness. With experience in radio, film and television – most notably as host of her own show, COLLIDING WORLDS, she is a versatile spokesperson and host, as well as print model.

COLLIDING WORLDS TV is an art documentary in a 30-minute format. Art in all its forms has a home for exploration. Here you learn about the artist — the why behind the who. With more than 80 shows, interviews with more than 500 artists and more than 8 million minutes watched on YouTube views, COLLIDING WORLDS TV reaches a worldwide audience.

COLLIDING WORLDS RADIO is a weekly one-hour program that carries the art conversation into real time. Interviews with the artists and those involved in the art world bring their reality to the listener. Heard around the globe via live stream and seen around the worlds via webcasts, COLLIDING WORLDS RADIO is timely, relevant, and respected as an art destination.

Both COLLIDING WORLDS TV and COLLIDING WORLDS RADIO have a growing Internet presence. COLLIDING WORLDS TV is available 24/7 on our YouTube Channel.

Contact artist, radio and TV host, and runway model Angela Valente Romeo today to discuss your project.