Claudia Lamboglia

Claudia Lamboglia is a Panamanian-Spanish artist.

Since 2002 she has participated in more than 20 collective exhibitions, 2 solo exhibitions and created 9 public murals, installations and performances. In 2007 Claudia and several other artists founded Sembrarte, a Panamanian foundation that works with the communities and their childrren living in violent neighborhoods. Sembrarte works creating art pieces, rescuing and revaluing public places. It is also instrumental in moving art from the galleries to public spaces for all to experience.

In 2010 Claudia was chosen to represent Panama in the 7th Central America Biennale where her piece, a shadow installation, was selected to be part of the Central American Biennale Museum located in Nicaragua. The installation of shadow and butterflies eliminated distances between the viewer and the art piece.

Artist Statement:

solo el presente  (ONLY THE PRESENT) is an art installation made from butterflies and a man sitting in a hanging chair. With this work I wanted to create an experience for the viewer who will be free to walk around the installation, feel it, touch. There is no distances, no rules. Only the present.


solo el presente – polycarbonate & Wood


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