Colliding Worlds Radio

COLLIDING WORLDS RADIO reaches out to artists globally in real time. “We are able to bring an artist from anywhere into a live, on-the-air discussion;” states host and producer Angela Valente Romeo. “Radio allows us to be more in the moment.”

COLLIDING WORLDS RADIO airs on KPSF 1200 AM on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST. With live streaming, COLLIDING WORLDS RADIO airs live, or you can listen to the podcast every Monday. Simultaneous web casting can be heard on COLLIDING WORLDS RADIO Ustream so you can listen live.

Podcasts are now available on iTunes or at As technology makes the world smaller, COLLIDING WORLDS RADIO makes the humanity in the world nearer.

In addition to radio, be sure to check out COLLIDING WORLDS TV. You can watch on the Web to hear 30-minute documentaries about the who, what, and why behind the art.

Colliding Worlds TV and Art

Contact Angela Valente Romeo today for details on upcoming broadcasts of Colliding Worlds Radio.