Colliding Worlds TV

Join Angela Valente Romeo as she explores the why behind the who, COLLIDING WORLDS TV is an art documentary in a 30-minute format. It is a beautiful look into the world of art. “The focus of COLLIDING WORLDS TV is to bring art, in all its forms, to the consciousness of the public,” says Angela, who serves as producer and host. “We are in an economy where art is considered a luxury—we see it is a necessity!”

Experience a gateway into this personalized look into the art world. Art is a necessity, not a luxury. Angela provides art information that is more than the who, what, and where. She helps you learn the why.

The story behind the artist is what makes each piece of art special. Understanding the journey adds appreciation for the artist, the piece, the collector, and the viewer. COLLIDING WORLDS TV does not presume to critique the world of art; the only aim is to make that world part of everyone’s world.

COLLIDING WORLDS TV broadcasts every Sunday at 6 a.m. on KMIR in Palm Springs, CA. Episodes are available 24/7 on Angela’s YouTube channel. This YouTube channel, with more than 8 million minutes watched, reaches viewers in more than 40 countries. If you have not joined on, you have no idea the world you are missing!

Contact Angela Valente Romeo today for information about how to watch new and vintage programs of artist interviews on Colliding Worlds TV.