Eduardo Carriazo

Eduardo is a U.S. citizen born in Cali, Colombia. During his early college education, Eduardo freelanced as a naturalist guide in the Galapagos Islands and in the Antarctic Peninsula. During those years, he created illustrations for the Antarctic travel logs.

In 1996, he completed a dual master’s degree in Molecular and Marine Biology at the University of Southern California. He also created the scientific illustrations for the USC biology laboratory manuals. After working for ten years in research and later as a graphic designer and scientific illustrator at the Integrated Media Systems Center at USC, Eduardo returned to school to complete his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts at the Florida State University.

Eduardo has participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions across the country.

Carriazo-evolve1 Evolve 1 -20x 12x 10 $1950

Carriazo-evolve2 Evolve 2 -20x 12x 10 $1800

Carriazo-evolve3 Evolve 3 – 14x 12x 8 $1600


Carriazo-evolve5 Evolve 5 – 13 x 18x 8 $1350

Carriazo-Identity Evolve 6 Identity – 12.5x 14x 15 $1350

Prey Prey – 16x 8x 8 – $1250

Sprout  Sprout 11x 7x 7 $125

To the Point To The Point – 8.5x 7x 7 $1250

Oh DeerOh Deer – 10x 11x 4 $1250

Seduction1 Seduction 1 – 27x 14x 15 $2550


Seduction2 Seduction 2 – 22x 14x 12 $2550

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