Terry Hastings Photographer

When Terry was 4 he came down the stairs with an encyclopedia opened to a page with music notes on them and asked his mother what they sounded like. His parents went out and bought him a piano and piano lessons. And then drumming lessons for band. And then voice lessons for choir. And then speech And then paint… Eventually Terry bought his own stuff and ended up with a degree in Theatre (go figure). In May 2003, Terry opened up Identity Fashions, a custom-designed clothing store in Minneapolis with then partner and designer Yani Santos. They needed a website and photos to show off all the original work. The cost of photographers, film and developing was too much and Terry said “Fuck It, I can do this myself.” He went out and bought a Sony Cyber Shot and “did it himself”. He’s upgraded his camera a few times since then. Hastings discovered photography after years in the theater and performing arts. Wherein he may have previously directed performers onstage in to great configurations and stage pictures, he now collaborates with the four elements Wind, Water, Earth and Fire at play and frames them in to his photographic work in pursuit of truth and reality.

zz 1 Wangs wedding 001Struggle – quintych – $9,000 16″x24″ – original non-reproducible

zz Entangled Triptych Entangled – triptych – $4,500  – 30″x30″, 45″x30″, 30″x30″ – Limited Edition of 5

zz Island Prince Island Prince – $1,275 – 24″x36″  – Limited Edition of 10

zz see world See World – $1,350 – 30″x30″ – Limited Edition of 10

zz Surrender Dorothy  Surrender Dorothy – $1,350 – 30″x30″  – Limited Edition of 10

zz Swimming in Purple Swimming in Purple – $1,275 – 24″x36″  – Limited Edition of 10

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To learn more about Terry visit www.MrTerryHastings.com